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We are always looking for new coaches. Coaching is open to all ages. All you need is passion for the sport, the ability to bring out the best in your players, and a good, solid commitment. Your players will learn a lot from you, however, as a coach you will learn just as much from your players. 

WSNC will subsidise all costs relating to coaching courses and qualifications achieved and provide various coaching resources. To volunteer to Coach or for further enquiries contact us.


You will also need to register as a coach through NetballConnect

WSNC would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteer coaches, who invest so much of their time in achieving success for the players and club.

Rules of Netball - 2020 (PDF)

*Please note that this version is strictly for non-commercial use and not for re-print or sale.  The copyright and intellectual property rights for the Rules of Netball are owned by INF.

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