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Announcing Winter 23 MDNA Award Winners

Today some of our players were recognised by MDNA, being awarded Fairest & Best among all the players across all clubs in their division. An awesome achievement! Congratulations to:

  • Mey Wun Gao, A Reserve

  • Mey Fuon Lu, Open 3

  • Morgan Rawlings, U15/2

Congratulations also to these players who were awarded Fairest & Best Runner Up:

  • Ashleigh Rawlings, U18/2

  • Hannah Rowe, U18/3.

Lastly, each year we also recognise a team within our club to be awarded “Best Club Team”. Well done to the U11 Finches team who won this award for 2023! These little powerhouses, and super coach Sarah Riddell have grown in skill and as a team throughout the season, and showed exemplary sportsmanship during games and training. Congrats to all of you for this well deserved award!


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