Scoring Information

UPDATE: As of Spring Season 2022 - MDNA will require all games to be scored using the NetballConnect app, in addition to a hardcopy scoresheet. The HOME team will be responsible for scoring on the app, and the AWAY team will need to stand together with the home team scorer and complete the hard copy scoresheet. 


For instructions on how to score via the NetballConnect app, click here.

NetballConnect scoring quick tips:

  • The team manager of the HOME team must assign a scorer before the match.

  • To be assigned as a Manager/Scorer etc the user has to have created an account and be logged into the app.

  • All scorers must add the competition to their profile via Netball Connect before they can be assigned the scoring role- eg. "Mountain District Saturday Spring Competition".

  • The scorer will score using their own device.

  • See this PDF for instructions on how to score using the NetballConnect app

Hardcopy scoring tips:

  • Remember to bring your own pen!

  • The home team are responsible for collecting the score sheet from the office. This will be available in the red tub outside of the MDNA office prior to the game - labelled with the court number. 

  • Speak with the coach or team manager about the positions for players and complete all of the positions against the relevant player on the score sheet.

  • Provide the sheet to the opposing team to complete their player positions. 

  • If you have a new player that is not listed, or fill in player from another team, ensure you provide their details on the back of the score sheet.

  • A representative from each team should review the scoring (Covid policies permitting).

  • Follow the instructions below to score.

  • Once the game is completed, ensure the scoresheet is signed by umpires, a captain for each team and return the completed scorecard to the MDNA office.

Hard Copy Scoring Instructions

Complete the positions for each quarter against the relevant player. Where it is not possible to record for each quarter, ensure that at least one position is entered for all members playing. 

The opposing team will complete their player positions. 

Ensure that fill in players details are included on the back of the scoresheet.

As each team scores a goal, cross off numbers consecutively. At the end of each quarter, circle the last goal of the quarter for each team. 

Record the centre passes for each team by adding an initial (i.e. "W" for WSNC) at each centre pass.

Tally each goal scored by player, by quarter. At the end of the quarter, add the total of goals scored for each team during the quarter. 

The total number of goals should correspond with the crossed out numbers in the above section. 

At the end of the game, ensure that the scoresheet is signed by the scorer/s, the umpires and the team captain.

Return the completed scoresheet to the red tub for completed sheets at the front of the MDNA office.