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Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Thank you to all our members for taking part in another stellar season of netball. Although challenging with jumping in and out of restrictions, we had some great success on the courts across the club. This is strongly reflected in our overall results for the season with two of our teams being named Premiers, and three teams as runners up as decided by the format in absence of playing finals. We also had another three teams that finished in the top four, who would have played finals in a normal season.


  • Firetails (u23/1)

  • Bellbirds (u18/4)

Runners up:

  • Kestrels (A-res)

  • Fantails (u18/1)

  • Robins (u13/3)

Top 4:

  • Raptors (A-grade)

  • Sandpipers (Open 1)

  • Falcons (Open 2)

There were also a number of individual player highlights recognised by MDNA for their respective sections.

Fairest and Best:

  • Morgan Rawlings (Robins u13/3)

  • Isabel Clarke (Firetails u23/1)

Runners up:

  • Mia Halamoutis (Bellbirds u18/4)

  • Mey Wun Gao (Kestrels A-res)

Congratulations Morgan, Isabel, Mia and Mey Wun! These MDNA awards reflect their consistency and efforts on court.

Overall it has been a very successful season for the club, with all of our teams performing outstandingly and showing improvement week in week out. This is fantastic to see given how much netball we have missed out on over the past 18 months. Once again congratulations to all of our players, coaches and team managers for their exceptional efforts this season, we appreciate your consistent efforts despite the challenges we have been contending with.


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